Regardless of the A/C Emergency, CTM has the Solution!
For Portable A/C Emergencies call Patrick Sweeney at 1 (416) 807-0848

If the primary source of cooling fails, a portable air conditioner is designed to be temporarily installed to relieve the most critical portions of the air conditioning zones.

The term “spot cooling” refers to cooling only the most sensitive piece of equipment, zone or area as opposed to trying to reduce the entire ambient temperature.

50+ units in our Mississauga warehouse are available for immediate delivery, shipment or pickup.


1.25 tons to 5 tons in air cooled
Variety of Options Available to suit your needs:

  • Ducted condenser air kits
  • High lift condensate pumps
  • Ducted evaporator air kits
  • Directional evaporator duct kits

1.33 tons to 2.5 ton in water cooled

  • Three piece hose kits
  • Condensate pumps as standard equipment

12 & 25 ton cooling unit

  • Site visits upon request for sizing and installation quotations
  • Installation by the CTM staff

12 Ton Cooling Unit
25 Ton Cooling Unit


  • Data Centre overheating or needs backup
  • Air Conditioning failed or can’t keep up
  • Have critical equipment that needs after hours cooling
  • Need some inexpensive insurance
  • Maintenance shutdown
  • Dehumidification after a flood or emergency spill

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